Thursday, 3 March 2022


by Kathleen Chamberlin

Thoughts of Thursdays past
Float through my mind
Like leaves softly carpeting the stream.
When wintry winds whipped white caps
Across the sullen sea, silver and sun soaked
While I idled within the window, watching,
Waiting for who knew what.
Waltz music flooding the room
Inviting me to leave the outside world alone
Ignore wind whispered longings those Thursdays moaned.
Mesmerizing melodies in 3/4 time
Entice my limbs to whirl around the room
Wrapped in the warmth of phantom air.

* * * * *

Kathleen Chamberlin is a retired educator living in Albany, New York with her husband and two rescue dogs. She turned to writing creatively during the pandemic quarantine. Her writing has appeared in Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Open Door Magazine, The World of Myth Magazine and the anthologies The Book of Black, Breath of Love and Snowdrifts. In addition to writing, she enjoys gardening, genealogy, and grandchildren. 

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