Friday, 31 December 2021


Days Grow Calm 

by Frances Leitch

The days grow calm
Winter silence
Filling the desert soul
With snow – falling, falling
Falling asleep

Close the eyes that saw
Road runners scooting about
Chasing lizards perched on rocks
Marigolds sprout
And heard
Winged chatter
Darting over prickly top

Miles and miles and miles
The snow drift unfolds
Our memory fading
Of the vivid land
Veiled in snowy
Furls of sand

* * * * *

Feeling that life is in nature’s palm, Frances has spun tales of life and the sea, desert, sun and wild spaces since youth.  In more than 30 years of writing, she’s done poems, articles, short stories, public relations, and having a hobo spirit, traveled through 48 states and 17 countries.  She most enjoys writing poetry and hopes to pass on nature’s wonder, a kernel of meaning, and feeling – that pockets a bit of the sun.

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