Sunday, 5 December 2021


Alternative Resume

by Eve Louise Makoff

Pale blue house, shutters
Love seat swing
Just lakeside
(One day)


One best friend. Silver waves over sand. Jewish camp. Self-consciousness.The odor of Manhattan. Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, Deborah Levy, Zorba the Greek. Edwidge Danticat. A summer in Mykonos. Yad Vashem. My eating disorder. Crushing Love. Breathing.

Work history/Volunteer work:
Passover dinners. Tennis matches. Mean girl(ed)(ing). Reading Ulysses. Watching life eek out of patients. Immersive Parenting. Saying no.


Tending book piles
Hunting words
Out-of-practice singing


Scribbled lunchbox love notes
Opaque texts
Some I regret in magazine pages
An amorphous but relevant memoir
(One day)

Personal statement
I follow rules but require passion. I request transcendence or pass me over.

* * * * *

Eve Louise Makoff is an internal medicine and palliative care physician and a writer.

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