Friday, 26 November 2021

Sweet Refuge

by Djehane Hassouna

Unable to wrap her small arms completely around me,
She attempts to comfort me as best as she can.
Building a nest for my heart, wiping my tears with
Her tiny hands, she says, “Mina, don’t cry! I love you
And I won’t let anything bad happen to you!”
Throughout the years, constantly encouraging me,
Her sweet smile was my only hope as she whispered
Softly, “May God help me build a palace for you!”
Thankful, I replied, “You are my palace and my crown,
My Heaven and my sunshine! You are my everything!”
Her presence causes sadness to vanish, anxiety to fade,
And problems to disappear! Like a shining star,
She fills my world with light. She has always been
My constant source of joy, my reason for happiness,
My only expectation for the Future! Away from her,
I stop being alive! When I see her, I radiate bliss!
I wish I could grant her every wish, brighten her world,
And give her as much joy as she’s given me!
Tu es mon cadeau du ciel!” I keep repeating,
And I mean every word...

* * * * *

"Sweet Refuge" is part of Djehane Hassouna's poetry collection Rainbow of Emotions (Tellwell Talent, 2020).

Djehane Hassouna began her poetic journey in Egypt. She expresses her feelings thus mirroring her life through poetry in French and English. As she writes, her emotions transform into verse, and Djehane becomes one with her poetry.
Djehane received her BA in French from Catholic University, her MA in Comparative Literature from Vermont College, and her PhD in Romance Languages/Literatures from University of Pittsburgh.
Djehane is patient, resilient, and her creativity has no bounds.  She continues to write poetry despite her struggle with Parkinson's disease… In 2020, she published her first book of poetry, Rainbow of Emotions.

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