Tuesday, 9 November 2021

Mixed Marriage

by Annie Klier Newcomer

He loved the strength of Metals, Opera, Shakespeare, the Arts.
She loved pretty things, fancy dresses, a good piece of gossip,
the newspaper. They came together often enough to produce 
twelve children but generally fought over things each knew well 
but the other could not comprehend and wasn’t about to try
to understand. Her red nail polish bled all over his pride; 
his leather bound books shut her out and somewhere between 
the first and the last page, they forgot how to hold one another. 

* * * * *

"Mixed Marriage" was first Published in di-verse-city (Austin International Poetry Festival) and is part of the author's forthcoming poetry collection Comets: Relationships that Wander (Finishing Line Press, February 2022)

Annie Klier Newcomer teaches poetry classes at Turning Point, a Center for Hope & Healing in Kansas City, Kansas. She also helps coach chess for After-School Programs in mid-town KC. Annie writes as a way to connect and to add value to her life. Presently she is an editor for Flapper Press Poetry CafĂ© and a member of the Key West Cigar Factory Poetry Group.

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