Thursday, 9 September 2021

Apocrypha A Dancer

by Nina Heiser

long-legged poem     saunters in        at midnight
stampedes    through my dreams     raising dust
yeah        trust me      I know

what if      if only

claws of despair sink into soft flesh
cacti spines    desert thorns     she never
lacks for variety    sins stacked like a snack rack
convenience en route to purgatory
time came to fill her medicine bag with charms
against the future (shaken awake)
she listens to the darkness
green man appears    what a character
a steel-string guitar hanging from his neck
he has a gold tooth and hair fine as a newborn babe
she had always known he would come and sure
you betcha        she is peculiar
aimless    unhinged 

pretty little mad girl
playing with balance everywhere she goes
she’s tough lemme tell ya   she’s hot  she  sees right thru ya

* * * * *

Nina Heiser is a poet, writer and retired journalist currently living in central Florida and New York. Her work has appeared in Tuck Magazine; Cadence, the Florida State Poets Association Anthology; Vociferous Press anthology Screaming from the Silence; Embark Literary Journal; and Gargoyle Magazine. Her poetry and photographs have been featured in Pendemics Journal, and Of Poets & Poetry.

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