Tuesday, 13 July 2021

it's time to let go, mother tree

by Sharon Lopez Mooney

mother tree, i am cutting the roots that bind us
the sun has toughened my skin
it sings against my stomach as i raise the axe
telling me i am no longer you, the tree
i have become other       needing different ground
the wind howls that i am not
flesh of your flesh       blood of your blood any longer
your roots are old and twisted in finding moisture
there will be relief as i separate us
i will no longer sap your life’s food
i will plant this womon in new earth
rich enough to grow my roots deep
becoming old and strong as you did
you are magnificent
and we are different wood

* * * * *

Sharon Lopez Mooney says: words are my heartland. Her intention is to put her shoulder to the wheel of change and hope with all she writes. A retired Interfaith Chaplain, she lives in Mexico, visits family in California.

She received an CAC Grant for rural poetry series; co-published an arts journal; produced poetry readings. Her poems are in various journals and anthologies including: The MacGuffin, The Muddy River Poetry Review, The Voices Project, The Avalon Literary Review, International Adelaide Magazine; Galway Review; The Ricochet Review; Calyx; Songs to the Sun; Cold Water; Words of Power; Smoke & Myrrors (UK), et al.

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