Saturday 3 July 2021

girl in indigo

by Amelie Kenney

last night i dreamt of you again
-girl in indigo, 
girl ive never met-
i sang you ballads
and you held me close,
you never spoke
and i never provoked,
so the world kept spinning on without us, 
as we sat in sacred stillness, 
you have me roped.

-girl in the sky, 
girl who lives only in my head-
i want to meet you in real life,
outside of when i rest,
but you dont know my name
and i don’t know yours,
but i bet your name tastes like summer
and sounds like rain dripping from the skyline,
i bet it would roll off my tongue like salted waves
and feel like a breeze from the coastline,
i want to learn it all in real-time. 
-girl in indigo,
girl in the sky, 
girl i would trade my happiness for-
you have my heart dancing in these lines
and weve never even met,
i only walk with you in dreams,
but i already know we are destined to be in the end
so come find me,
im all alone,
eternally waiting for you,
the girl in indigo.

* * * * *

Amelie Kenney is an 18 year old high school senior who lives in North Carolina. She fell in love with poetry during creative writing class and hasn’t looked back since. Her work has since been recognized by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey. 

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