Friday, 7 May 2021


Beach Fun

by Lorelei Bacht

Heavy rain. The sea,
Suddenly troubled, struggles
To read its own face.
What a drag! My heart
Broken beyond repair, when
I should “just relax.” 
Daddy watches them
Build sandcastles while I drown 
In my middle age. 
Bottom of the sea, 
Smooth black hand of cold water – 
I was lonely once. 
I was lonely twice, and then
I just stopped counting. 
Corals, dead white bones –
Soon, everything about me
Will cease to matter.
Murmur of the waves:
When I made you, you made me.
Walk out, and happen.
Reverse of the sky,
The sea welcomes everything,
Birth, death and the rest. 
Rolling hopes and hurts
Between its invisible
Fingers, it forgives.

* * * * *

"Beach Fun" was first published in Litehouse, a journal which promotes the work of exophonic writers (who write in a language other than their mother tongue):

Lorelei Bacht is a European poet living in Asia with her family. Her recent poems have appeared and/or are forthcoming in OpenDoor Magazine, Litehouse, Visitant, Quail Bell, Wrongdoing, and SWWIM. She can be found on Instagram: @the.cheated.wife.writes and @lorelei.bacht.writ


  1. "Rolling hopes and hurts between its invisible fingers,. . ."

  2. "I was lonely once. I was lonely twice,and then I just stopped counting." Wow. Thank you!