Thursday, 6 May 2021

A Pocket Full of Questions

by Francesca Brenner

Do butterflies dream?
Do I dare hold a candle when it burns from both ends?
If salt is poured on a wound will it preserve the memory?
If I take my vitamins every day, I don’t have to eat, right?
Is the oldest organized crime group a murder of crows?
If you sleep too much do dreams come true?
Do dust bunnies hop in the dark?
Does a cup of water get mad if you put it in the microwave?
Why can’t we grow back another finger or arm?
If there were flying carpets they’d have seatbelts, right?
Why can’t we create a new primary color?
What is the point of a floating rib?
Why are feet so small when they have to hold up an entire body?
Do tide pools get jealous of oceans?
Do oceans get jealous of tide pools?
Do flowers speak to each other through color?
Do stalactites and stalagmites secretly want to swap definitions?
Does a crossword puzzle get mad if you don’t finish it?
How will I ever learn to fly if I don’t keep trying?

* * * * *

Francesca Brenner grew up in NYC’s Greenwich Village and on The Cape in Massachusetts. She currently lives in Los Angeles though her heart remains bicoastal. Her poetry has appeared in After the Pause, The Alembic, The Best of the Poetry Salon, Common Ground Review, Crack the Spine, Cutthroat, FRE&D, Halfway Down the Stairs, OxMag, Sanskrit, Slab, and Talking River. <>


  1. Delightful (I think the crossword puzzles DO get mad)!

  2. I like! Safety first with flying carpets haha. They might have a wrinkle zone instead of a crumple zone.

  3. I absolutely love this! All of the questions are spot on! I wonder these everyday or should!

  4. Your poetic inquiries seems to me to be what our moments are made of and what drives us through life. This is especially true for us poets. Thank you for these wonderful moments.

  5. Oh, this is such fun to read. Deep fun... full of delight. Is there anything better than when mind and heart play together?

  6. Ticklefish, what a lovely piece!Tell us how dust bunnies hop in the dark.

  7. The questions pull me in right away, they're everyday things but with a twist, i like the ones about salt and water especially, it's like a lovely daydream!