Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Who Does the World Belong To?

by Elise Stuart

To the raven, and their calling
To the fox, rarely seen
To the coyote, howling in the distance
To the bluebirds, flying down from the branch.

It belongs to the trees, stark and naked in winter
To the flowing river
To the nearly opened bud
To the green stones, the white shells.

It belongs to the lonely peak of the mountain
the bowl of the valley
the burning heat of the desert
the dripping rain forest.

It belongs to the constant moon
To the stars, breathing above―
And we will come and go
And we will come and go.

* * * * *

Elise Stuart is a writer of poetry and short stories. She’s facilitated numerous poetry workshops for students in Silver City schools, feeling how important it is to give voice to youth. Her first poetry book, and then her memoir, My Mother and I, We Talk Cat were both published in 2017. She lives in Silver City, New Mexico with four cats, a sweet rascal of a pup, and her piano.

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