Monday, 8 March 2021

Some Enchanted Evening...

                                 For Pam

by Carole Baldock

Of course it's all just a dream,
on the set of 'South Pacific'.
The setting I do believe, is Cannes
where the world famous actress
whose name escapes us both,
sashays up to you, eagerly,
enthusiastic as a dj,
so sure this role is meant for her.
The sun is gleaming on your hair and skin
as you casually lean back
(aquamarine pool background),
teeth gleaming in your sleepy smile,
which is widening into laughter as you slowly shake your head.
Or maybe you caught me mouthing:
The car – the bloody car...

Of course it's a dream.

Close-up of a barn, I think,
the gorgeous French film star
daintily stroking the sleekly curving silver bonnet
as if made of plush or fur,
or, because we are in Cannes,
as lovingly as if a woman's body.
Turning, he smiles, arms wide,
alerted by the crunch of gravel
to my arrival.
And I know this part is mine.
Before long, I'll be sitting there beside him, wind blowing
through my hair as we hit the high road,
driving off into the sunset.
It's where I am meant to be.
Even if it is all just a dream.

* * * * *

Carole Baldock is proud owner of 3 children (all in good working order); 2 cats (need slight attention), a BA Hons and Orbis, International Literary Journal. Widely published, with enough poems over the years to fill a drawer, she has a pamphlet, BITCHING, to her name, as well as a collection, Give Me Where to Stand, published by Headland.

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