Thursday, 30 January 2020

Gambling with Life

by Anissa Sboui

Like savage rats
Throbbing to exist
Crawling to survive in a
Chaotic city…

On the eve of the revolution
Something broke out
The smell of death
Void prevails
Fleeting innocence

At a distant boarding school
In the nick of time
Darkness enters
Light swiftly departs

The monotonous meal ends
Some still starving
Who cares?

Daydreaming butterflies
Sleeping, tired they are

Would tomorrow be better?
Warmth and care?
Sourourahma owe
Their loss of life…

Never know
Lying down
Dying there’d please them
What a cruel world!
Doom marries loss
Fire shows up
It does cross
No boundaries,
Encountering no defense.
Set on fire
Plunging in mire,
Death satire.

Wait here to save
Preserve the boss
He won’t dismiss
Won’t step down.

To hell, traumatized childhood,
Burn to keep his ilk alive
Await nothing
Aspire nothing
As nothing loves nothing
The Waste Land:
You know nothing?
Do you see nothing?
Do you remember nothing?

* * * * *

Note: Sourourrahma: Sourour and Rahma are 2 schoolgirls, victims of burns during a fire in their boarding school in the region of Kasserine, Tunisia on the 6th of February  2018.

Anissa Sboui is a Tunisian poet, University teacher and a PhD research scholar.

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