Sunday 22 December 2019

Venus and Saturn

by Rachel George

Saturn crashes into Venus.
His platinum belt lassoes her. 
Volcanoes erupt and fireballs shoot,
but the hula-hoop louche holds on.   

Molten hot they merge.
They follow Saturn’s orbit,
smearing cherry streaks
over the stars and moon.

Stellar clusters scatter.
Amoeba forms in Saturn’s waters.
The atmosphere explodes
into new screaming gas.

* * * * *

Rachel George enjoys writing poems and short stories. Each time she writes a new piece of creative writing she hopes that someone will relate to its contents. She is also working on a novel and has a Masters in Creative Writing.

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  1. Wish I could play with the fonts here, so I could make WOW in 30-pt Adobe Rad. Beats The Big Bang all to smithers!