Tuesday 10 December 2019

Let Me Show You Sister

by Rebecca Turner

You have been wounded
just grazed
and your anger has you crazed.
I see you sister, ejecting the pain.
Spitting hateful words hoping to tarnish and stain.
You think your anger will keep it from happening again
and that your defenses will save you from other's sins.
I wish I could tell you it gets better
that the thorns hurt less
but I only have the truth, nothing else left.
I see you, my girl,
and you need to see me.
The cuts on my bones
breaks to my heart and bruises to my ego
would rip you apart.
Each betrayal intertwined around my frame like veins
and I use it for fuel to torch my pain.
Come let me hold you my perfect little girl
and I'll show you my scars
so you know that you can survive this world.

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