Friday, 18 October 2019

Misplaced Apostle to the Apostles

by Pamela Williams

Inspired by Cynthia Bourgault

Her own gospel was there.
Deleted in that patriarchal way,
leaving a repressed and gravely wounded
divine feminine, communion denied.
We watch the repeated dynamic
pervasively played out in boundless examples
from sexual harassment in a Minnesota iron mine
to degradation in a supreme court hearing.
Sixteen hundred years to refine and deepen
that dysfunctional comfort zone.
From its inception,
fluid and diverse.
Prayers for its resurrection.

Where have you been for so long,
voice silenced,
while we careened through
assorted shadow interpretations
in the darkness?
Celebration now, for glimmers
of the transformative alchemy
of kenotic love,
with all its glorious interwoven archetypes.

* * * * *

Pamela Williams is a writer, poet, and visual artist, searching for the poignant truths, with provocations from the heartbreaking beauty of a miniature wing on her studio floor, to the current pain on our border, and following the ties that either bind us or tear us apart. Her poems rich in irony, compassion, and challenge, she invites us along on the Fool’s Journey, embracing the gifts of vulnerability. Her poems and assemblages have appeared in the Poets Speak Walls and Survival anthologies, three of the Lummox Anthologies, Live Out LoudPoetry Lovers epub from Larry Robinson, and her own Hair On Fire from Mercury Heartlink, at amazon.com