Wednesday, 23 October 2019


by Bilquis Fatima

Opening her twinkling eyes in my arms.
Left me spell bounded with her innocent charm.
Unbelievable was the gift of God bestowed upon me.
My daughter’s advent heralded a wonderful serendipity.

Hitting her tiny feet in a mirthful rhyme.
Trying to converse in gurgle and chime.
Her seraphic smile spread like sunshine.
Elated was I when her tender fingers held mine.

Angel of change indeed is she,
Growing gracefully spreads veritable joy and harmony.
Tiptoeing into the corridor of a listless life,
Illuminates my life with faith divine.

Invested with halo of love and compassion
Wings of protection she wraps around me.
An aura of warmth and serenity she exudes
A sense of confidence she infuses in me.

Surely she came in my life, to embellish
Waving her wand for my woes to abolish.
And when I am in a pensive mood
Planting a kiss, she breathes in life and beatitude.

Her innocence fails to wither with time.
Malicious manipulation eludes her flawless mind.
Caring and patting she incessantly spreads her vibes.
No doubt on such gentle souls the world thrives.

Copyright © Bilquis Fatima

* * * * *

Bilquis Fatima, an innate lover of nature and speaker for social issues, has allowed her feelings to be expressed as short writings and speeches from her college time on. Though being a post-graduate in chemistry, she has also mastered the skills of poetry appreciation and writing. Her poems reflect the situations that are prevalent in society and have been appreciated in some groups of poets and writers lately.