Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Songwriter, strutting with coffee

by Emily Marie

Met the Songwriter last night
A young male, shorter than ankle slacks
Ear hole.
Struck up conversation
and he knows me as The Poet.
Strutting with coffee
Nodding as knees bend
I find myself free in his presence
But see it as nothing more than
a light weight mate
A down to earth, three dimensional,
coffee cake.
I wear my boots and boot cuts
High life hat, Carhartt Jack
I say
“We come in all shapes and sizes.”
He says “Boom” and comments on
the space craft which is my home.

* * * * *

Emily Marie lives a spontaneous, on-the-move lifestyle, though she finds peace in routine. She writes poetry sporadically when a moment in time has somehow fixed itself to her inner musings. Delving into the moment, she identifies the minutiae, desiring to describe them accurately, artfully, and to convey the potent mood of the scene at hand. Instead of a journal, she forms experiences and emotions into short, expressive poems. Subjects of interest: landscapes, oddities and acquaintances.


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