Tuesday 3 September 2019


by Elizabeth Gordon McKim

We’re supposed to clear you
We’re supposed to donate you
We’re supposed to if need be
Trash you hunt you look you up
And down hurt you
We’re supposed to thank you
For your service we’re supposed
To sing you we’re supposed to
Sing you a thank you song
We’re supposed to take you to Sal’s
We’re supposed to send you back
To the killing fields, to your grandmother
Who keeps saying your name
To your mama who cannot stop crying
To your father who cannot keep warm
Who tries to put his head into
His hands but his hands
Are tied his mind is occupied
By foreigners and family and exile
In a weird war voice speaking
Words he doesn’t
Get or forget

* * * * *

Elizabeth Gordon McKim's next book of poetry: LOVERS in the FREE FALL coming out in April 2020 with Leapfrog Press. She is Jazz Poet of Lynn Massachusetts and poet laureate of European Graduate School in Saas Fee Switzerland. She loves the dimensions of poetry found in visual verbal musical invention/interruptions/eruptions.


  1. Ah, yes. Humanity, the noble species.

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