Friday, 2 August 2019

When in the Course of Human Events

by deb y felio

The children are suffering in filthy conditions
and illnesses run rampant,
not enough soap for sanitation
or water to even damp it.

It’s the President’s fault the Congress cries
The situation’s a shame,
The President says extra money’s denied
and that’s why nothing can change.

It isn’t our fault everyone can agree,
they were told it was very very bad
to cross the borders with families,
there were no other choices we had

but to separate and denigrate,
treat these illegals as possible criminals
so young ones we’ll incarcerate
in terror unimaginable. 

Adults are bussed back to the border
without knowing where children are held
and no plan in place to manage disorder
or reunite them when fears are dispelled.

Now more than a year and numbers increase
and minimal requirements disappear
for standards of care and hopes for peace —
increased profits keep it all here.

For though they insist the budget runs short
there’s big money being made
by those who create these prison forts
with accountability hidden in shade.

We regret we have to reject all manner 
of donations to make lives more practical.
It’s not allowed, they continue to yammer,
and might not even be ethical

to accept from private citizens
what could be conceived as a bribe
diapers, brushes and soap for the denizen
whose basic needs have been denied.

Call your government representatives,
but they already know
you’re more concerned with argumentative
finger pointing just for show.

So be surprised, pretend disgust
at the reports of what is and has been,
then soon other news will settle this dust,
and we’ll move on again.

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  1. Ach, ja! Profits über alles!! Sieg! Sieg! Sieg! HEIL!!!