Friday, 12 July 2019

by Melissa Silva

They thought it was
from sacrificing animals,
slicing open the belly
of a beast,
slaughtering small pigs,
offering up a burnt bird

They thought it
was from her monthly,
deep sanguine dripping
down her thighs,
mixing with black earth,
making mud

But it was from walking through
a world filled with
bloody fields,
bloody battles,
the bloodied bodies of
other women,
Witches all

* * * * *

Melissa Silva is a Poet and a Nurse, living in the Boston area. She has studied storytelling and performance, Oral Traditions, Asian, Contemporary, and Experimental Poetry. She is a co-founder of the Poetry Sisters Collective and was a member of the performing collective Storytellers in Concert. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Tuck Magazine, The Lily ReviewOne Sentence Poems, Bonsai, and othersShe does promotion for Červená Barva Press, Somerville, MA. 

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