Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Eve West Bessier

The slow road
is the one less traveled.

Speed, the pandemic addiction.

What is cast away
as dross from the mill
of making incessant headway?

The treasures of a saunter
on a pilgrimage of meaning.

Feel of earth on the sole.
Scent of new rain on sage.
Song of autumn’s last cricket.

Feel of Earth on the soul.

* * * * *

Illustraiton by Eve West Bessier

Eve West Bessier is an award-winning author of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. She is Poet Laureate of Silver City, New Mexico. She is also a Poet Laureate Emerita of Davis, California. Eve holds a Master of Education from UC Davis, and a BA in English from San Francisco State University. She is a social scientist, studio musician, jazz vocalist, voice coach, visual artist, and nature enthusiast. You can find more information, including performance videos and recordings on her website.


  1. I am going to memorize this poem and recite it quietly, languidly to myself during each of my daily early-morning strolls through my small village. An ambling mantra, if you will.

  2. That's wonderful, Matthew. You warm my heart this morning!