Thursday, 1 November 2018

Early Winter Rain

by Katherine L. Gordon

The rains have melted the sun
wrapped all the trees and grasses
in a mist of mystery,
lands and waters no longer separated
as in ancient decree,
no rigid order present to affirm
that we are singular in creation.
A cedar-wind scents
the circle of stone and moss
hinting preservation.
The morning swallows me
and I am a rusk of leaf,
hungering winter bird,
knowing there is no certainty
even in the shift of season.

* * * * *

Katherine L. Gordon is a rural Ontario poet, publisher, judge, editor and reviewer, working to promote the voices of women poets around the world, as they are now flowering into acclaim.  She has many books, chapbooks, anthologies and collaborations with fine contemporaries whose work inspires her.  Her poems have been translated and awarded internationally. Latest books: Piping at the End of Days, Valley Press, and Caution: Deep Water will be released by HMS Press, London, Ontario in late 2018. 

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