Sunday 1 July 2018

Little Rapists

Kathleen Murphey

Little boys, instead of telling them they’re made
“of snips and snails: and puppy-dogs’ tails” and all that implies,
today, we teach them to rape.
Females aren’t human beings like themselves;
they’re Tits and C*nts and Asses—
that exist to pleasure male dicks.

Coerce, coerce,
lie, flatter, and guilt—
Whatever it takes to score!
Round the Bases,
First, Second, Third, Home Run!
Now there’s even a Fifth.

“No” might matter to her.
To him, it’s just an obstacle to get through.
Coerce, coerce,
flattery and guilt,
“blue balls” will kill a guy.

He has to score.
Who cares what she wants—
she’s just a whore—
a means to pleasure his all-important dick.

Porn re-enforces the Hype—
Females pleasure Males—
whether they want to or not.
“No” means “Yes”—
she just doesn’t realize it, yet.

Males Take them,
they F*ck them,
they Screw them,
they Use them.

Slam her, Pound her, F*ck her
Ram her, Hammer-jack her,
who gives a sh*t about her?

She’s just there to pleasure his dick.
Her mouth, her c*nt, her ass—
whether she wants to or not.

And if she fights, it’s a scene from Porn—
she’ll like it in the end.
“No” means “Yes.”
It’s not rape—
It’s just sex—
and the guys are in control.
If He wants It,
He’ll have It.
F*ck Her!
That’s the whole point.
We teach boys to rape.

But Why?
Sex doesn’t have to be like that.
It can be tender and nice,
respectful and pleasurable
for both the girl and the boy,
the woman and the man.

But we don’t teach that.
We teach girls to be silent about what they might like,
and we teach boys to force themselves on girls—
we teach them to rape.

* * * * *

Kathleen Murphey is an associate professor of English at Community College of Philadelphia. Recently, she has been writing fiction (both short stories and poetry) on women’s and social justice issues. To learn more about her work, see

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