Thursday 28 September 2017

Intimations of Mortality

by Jane Yolen

In the big brown chair,
my mother snuggled
with her cancer,
reading my story
about a boy who wanted
to stop time.

Intimations of mortality,
she said, adding a small chuckle,
as close to a catch of breath
she could handle.
I remember that,
sitting here with you.

Your cancer, a new passion,
between us, the third wheel,
your most intimate friend now,
the one none of us wanted
to invite to the christening.
I see a long sleep soon.

We are all fairy tales at the end.

* * * * *

Jane Yolen, author of 360+ books (actual number) including 8 books of adult poetry. Much of her work is for young readers, but she has a number of novels, essay collections, and pedagogical books for adult as well.

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