Tuesday 19 September 2017

Great Lakes Light House

by Laura Tarasoff

As she patches another gaping hole in her soul
She realizes the warning lights were as bright as
A light house beacon on the Great Lakes.
So sure that she knew how to navigate these waters
The warnings went ignored. Now she sits,
Smashed into the rocks of one shallow soul after another,
Inspecting the damage done by past groundings,
Some still leak, if the conditions are right.
So patch she does, while people stand on the shore pointing out
Where she went wrong or laughing at her.
The laughter is preferred,
It makes better tar for the patch.
With the new tide lifting her up, she sails away.
Not waiting for another’s ship to come in.
She is the captain of her own destiny.
It’s just a matter of keeping her ship a sail
And only her bourbon on the rocks.

* * * * *

"Great Lakes Like House" was previously published at poetrybytheshot.wordpress.com

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