Friday, 3 February 2017

I ♥ You, Honey

by Kappa Waugh

I’m searching the ultra romantic section,
puffy satin hearts, starched lace: “Dot
your signature scent here,” the insert
suggests.  Hmm, do they mean my cologne
or pheromones from my private parts?
Maybe not the tone I want to strike.  He is
a gas station flowers kind of guy.  He invariably
picks alstromeria, cheaper than roses
and a flower I can’t abide.

Let’s move on to the humorous.  Here’s one, a
colorful lizard, captioned “Iguana hold your
hand.”  Well, I’m a Beatles fan, but he really
likes the Clancy Brothers more.  Wonder if
they have one saying, “I love you more than
‘Danny Boy’ or Irish whiskey?

How about a kid’s card?  I grab one showing
kittens in a basket. Inside, “You’re PURRfect,
Valentine.”  But 1) he isn’t, and 2) he hates
cats,  and 3) he got a nosebleed on my (ironic)
“Hello, Kitty” sofa pillow, so I had to toss it.

Back at the humor section, I see a misplaced
romantic, pink ribbons, hearts, gold trim.  In
reading the flowery script, I think, “BINGO!”

Inside “Write your own fucking Valentine!” 

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