Sunday, 19 February 2017

Creative Writing

by Sarah Henry

He said his grandfather
was personal secretary
to Pierre DuPont, even
though Pierre DuPont must
have had many hangers-on.
(His parents didn’t own
a brag gallery in their
den to prove it.)
He worked it in that
he was president of Student
Council in high school.
(A former classmate said
he had only been treasurer
of the Ski Club.)
By his own report,
his college girlfriend
hadn’t been as “rich”
as he was. (Was he rich?)
He broadcasted a completely
false and unsubstantiated
rumor about my making
a bodice-ripping attempt
to seduce him. (Look!
All of his women come running!)
Finally, he trailed over to Russia,
where he published a fish story,
a whopper, a whale of a tale.
Yes, this is about you.

* * * * *

Sarah Henry is a former student of Robert Hass and Louise Gluck at the University of Virginia. Today she lives near Pittsburgh, where her poems have appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. and the Pittsburgh Poetry Review. Farther afield, Sarah's work has been published in the International Women's Day issue of the Camel Saloon, The Hollins Critic and six anthologies. CHEAP POP featured her humorous prose. Humor is very important to her.

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