Monday 17 October 2016

And You Thought You Would Never Write Again

by Nalini Priyadarshni

Nights when you can’t sleep do strange things to you…

Nights after the fights where
angry words are thrown around
hurts bartered
until one leaves in a huff
unapologetic, unforgiven

With mouthful of half chewed profanities
you look at tangled skeins of nastiness
wrapped around your hands
wondering where to begin untangling
whether to spit the poison still
bubbling in your mouth
or swallow it.

There is no way to unsay the words once spoken
no way to unthrust the hurt
Driven deep into their souls
to stop them from leaving
just leaves a trail of bitterness
that can’t be washed away

Forgiveness comes much later if at all
sometimes after a lifetime of negotiation
with your demons
words you could have said
or left unsaid
bruises you could have hidden
with a little make-up
and things would have been just fine
until the next time

Not for faint spirited
this thing called love
not if you can’t pick shards of 
your brokenness
and walk off without a limp
open doors where none exist
seek light but within
put hands around your flame
and keep burning
till your song couldn’t be fettered

….and you thought you would never write again!

* * * * *

This poems is part of Nalini Priyadarshni 's poetry collection Doppelganger in my House

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