Wednesday 29 June 2016

In 2007, I posted the story of a twenty year young woman from Kenya, Mercy Adhiambo, on my Glasswoman Prize page. I wasn't the only one impressed with the story. Kim Robinson from Minnesota contacted Mercy and they have been penpals ever since. Kim's school became involved in fundraising for Mercy's college education in journalism, and when the money wasn't enough, Deb Sauter personally provided the missing funds necessary for Mercy to finish college. At this time Mercy is a journalism fellow at the Oklahoman in Oklahoma City for six months and this past weekend I got to meet Mercy, Kim, and Deb for the first time--after all Oklahoma City is only a 12 hour drive from where I live. If Mercy could come this far, I wanted to go at least those remaining miles.

Here is the story that started it all: The Untold Story.

Our meeting was amazing. I even got to share Mercy's apartment for two nights. I am in love with the strength of women's souls in general, and specifically right now with the souls of Mercy, Kim, and Deb.

May the strong threads of your lives weave similar tapestries!

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