Monday, 20 June 2016

A glorious first day of summer. Up on a place called Gomez Peak, the full moon set over the mountains to the west and faded into the morning light just minutes before the sun rose to the east. Moments of beauty and happiness with all this fantastic life around us.

And yet I was attacked by feelings of worthlessness throughout the day. I haven't done enough. I haven't found the ultimate gift I could give to this life that has given me so much, I have this strange suspicion if only I felt adequately entitled or even arrogant, then I could love life with all my heart, and it would love me right back, with sunrises and moonsets among other things. I don't know why we human beings have fallen into this rut of minimizing each other, and especially our children, for that's where it all starts. It hasn't helped anyone. Not even the minimizers at the very top seem to be happy. And yet we all have so much, this life, this planet, these gorgeous bodies, these interesting minds. Let's celebrate each other, with love and attention.

Happy summer to you.

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