Sunday, 5 January 2020

That This Blue Exists

by Carole Mertz

I take up a spool of blue thread
determined to thread my way
through the amateur marriage
toward a formidable dinner

at the Homesick Restaurant.
Together we’ll be digging to
America; bluets will help us
with our breathing lessons and

the empathy exams
in order to arrive, perhaps,
at Saint Maybe, the place where 
she’ll chant her usual and

clumsy beginner’s goodbye.
We’ll continue searching
for Caleb, through the gap
of time, trying to tie together

the sleeper and the spindle.
Together we’ll navigate a
patchwork planet, searching
for a distant view of

* * * * *

“That this Blue Exists...” won the Wilda Morris August 2017 poetry challenge to write a “title” poem. In her poem, “That This Blue Exists…,” the author met a poetry challenge by creating playful settings using titles of various authors." There is a new challenge each month. Carole Mertz's poems have been winners of three or four challenges over the years.

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  1. The idea of "amateur marriage" likely will keep my mind busy the rest of the day, and beyond.