Monday, 28 November 2022


Still Here

by Marjorie Moorhead

In the morning,
fallen, frozen
apple tree leaves
multicolored, and framed
with frosted edge,
have followed the last
dried apples off their branch,
down to the wood of our deck.
They’ll be blown away
by November winds;
colorful fluttering signs
of a lifecycle stage.

How wonderful
to have witnessed
so many.

* * * * *

"Still Here" was previously published 11/12/2020 in Poems for World AIDS Day 2020, HIV Here &Now

Marjorie Moorhead writes from the VT/NH border, surrounded by mountains in a river valley, with four season change. Her work addresses environment, survival, noticing the “every day”, and how we treat each other. Marjorie’s poems can be found in many anthologies, websites, and her two chapbooks Survival: Trees, Tides, Song (FLP 2019) and Survival Part 2: Trees, Birds, Ocean, Bees (Duck Lake Books 2020). 

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  1. The text is beautiful, but 89 year old woman living alone, for me the title says it all.