Monday 2 August 2021



     by Abiola Regan

     Can you lose something that’s already lost?
     Time. Patience. Sense of direction.
     Constantly being pulled from here to there.
     No moments of my own to marshal my thoughts.
     Can I trust what’s in there anyway?
     Run down. Overwhelmed. Burnt out.
     Silently screaming for a lifeline.
     Desperate for a pause button.
     A way to reset before beginning again.
     So much gained, but so much lost.
     Time. Patience. Sense of direction.
     Ask for help, I dare you.
     The fear of being unsalvageable.
     An unshakeable sense of foreboding.
     Arms rise up to catch you.
     Determined not to let you fall
     Tears spring up unannounced. Welcome.
     The kindness brings me to my knees.
     But I must stand because I cannot lose more.
     Time. Patience. Sense of direction.

* * * * *

Abiola Regan is a Canadian writer. She likes to combine her academic background in psychology with her interest in pop culture to explore relationships. Her writing has previously been published in The Lumiere Review, Haunted Waters Press, Breathe, CBC Life, The Capilano Review, and more.

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