Thursday, 10 September 2020

Young girl running 

by Sarah Law

Every morning she's let out
to run towards the sun – 

Her mother and sisters have helped
her make the great corncake 

which swells in the earth
while her long hair streams – 

even now she's changing,
unaware how far she's 

running from her own
quiet childhood, and just 

how fast towards unknowable life 
simmering within her,

rising, setting. She almost flies – 
her body is a recipe fulfilled, 

the land spreads out – 
the sky lights up to taste her.

* * * * *

"Young girl running" is inspired by the Navajo Changing Woman ceremony.

Sarah Law is a poet and tutor living in London. Her collection Therese:Poems is forthcoming with Paraclete Press. She edits the online journal Amethyst Review for new writing engaging with the sacred. 

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