Thursday, 21 May 2020


by Peggy Carter

boundaries all tucked up  around me
everything neatly surrounded safely guarded
my hands no longer visible
my eyes closed so I may not see

everything’s folded away not one hiding place is left
even my hair is tucked up no flying strands
lips sealed against you
like a granite wall you cannot find a crevice to catch me
not this time, not with me
I am safe here inside my
and here I will stay
no further entry permitted

even my heart has gone into hiding

* * * * *

Peggy Carter has been writing since 2006, and now takes workshops which she finds invigorating. Her mentors include Brendan Constantine, Tresha Haefner, Tobi Alfier (Cogswell) and Kelly Grace Thomas. Her style is free verse and her own life has provided plenty of inspiration. Her work has appeared in The Stray Branch, Fourth & Sycamore, Bellowing Ark and Decanto, among others. 

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