Thursday, 5 December 2019


By Dianne Moritz

He says, “I can’t wait for tomorrow.”
Spicy cologne splashes his craggy face.
Warm steam sweats the cool glass,
as she giggles and plays along.
“Because I get better looking every day!”

Watching him comb back thick, gray
feathered hair, goosebumps prickle
her thin arms.  She steps close, kisses
his damp, worn cheek, startled to see
crow’s feet scratching the corners of her eyes.

* * * * *

Dianne Moritz writes poetry and picture books for children. Adult essays have been published in The NY Times, LA Times, Woman’s World, Romantic Homes, Sunday Woman, Our Iowa, and others. Online memoir pieces have been in Fewer Than 500. Spillwords, The Drabble, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, and elsewhere. Visit her website: and her author page on

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