Saturday, 4 May 2019

Here Take my Eggs

by Alethea Eason

My eggs are gossamer pearls still waiting in a nearby stream.
Under the veil, my eggs would have held round pools of liquid
with protein and definitive galaxies all their own.

I open myself and dream the infinite night.
I’ve been waiting because mist and wind’s home is the earth’s.

Gulls break over the crest.
They are moving, wings up with raucous cries.
My eggs float in this mystery, each still aware.
Each with their neutral shine. Each a copper penny
floating to the perilous depths.

Death’s at the door, and he’s dressed to kill.
He’s even brought the flowers I have been waiting for.
Here take my eggs. Each one that is left, and take dictation.
They all have stories of their journey. And maps of their history.

Marry my eggs as you would me in the dark grass,
with all the dangers of jungle growth. Find the pearly stream
hidden away and whisper your words there.

* * * * *

"Here Take My Eggs" was first published in Black Elephant.

Alethea Eason is the author of three novels, Hungry, Starved, and Heron's Path. Her poetry, short stories and essays have appeared in, Lamplight Magazine, The Fictional Cafe, The Episcopal Cafe, the anthology The Kindness of Strangers, and, among other journals, websites, and magazines. She was an educator in California and Chile, and has offered classes called Renew Your Muse dealing with intuitive, creative and spiritual expression, especially for those who feel art does not live inside of them. It does!

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