Friday, 1 March 2019

Twisting Things

by E J Randolph

At the bar Josh took a long draught of his beer. He deserved this beer. Twelve long hours stocking at the Food Market. The ol’ lady never understood. She’d want him to do something around the house if he went home. A man deserved some time to himself.

The door opened and heels clicked on the floor. He glanced over his shoulder and spit out a mouthful of beer. “S**t!”

Angelina stalked forward. “I knew I’d find you here drinking. You promised you wouldn’t. Today of all days.”

Oh my God! Our anniversary. I forgot all about it. “Honey, I had to work overtime.” He made his voice soft and placating.

Didn’t help. Her face turned red and she shook her car keys at him. “Then why aren’t you home now?”

“Uh. Good question.” He scrunched his face like he was thinking about it.

She stomped her foot and screamed.

That was good! He got her to lose control. “Honey, calm down. I’m coming now.”

“You always do this to me.”

“Come on, you’re embarrassing yourself. Get yourself under control.”

“You make me think I’m going crazy!”

“Now, now. Let’s go.” He smirked and escorted the still protesting Angelina outside.

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