Wednesday 15 August 2018

Athena Has a Sit-Down, Goddess-to-Woman Talk with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

by Kathleen Murphey

SHS:                “The President in no way form or fashion has ever promoted or encouraged

Athena:           “What is this nonsense that has escaped the barrier of your teeth?
                        In Cedar Rapids, he told supporters to ‘knock the crap out’ of protesters.
                        He said that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and still get elected.
                        His platform, America First, comes from a 1930s white supremacist movement
                                    that promoted appeasement with Hitler and the Nazis, people okay with
                                    the torture and murder of Jews.
                        He made excuses for white supremacists in Charlottesville. He bemoaned the
                                    taking down of Confederate monuments, thereby endorsing white
                                    supremacists and violence and/or intimidation of African Americans by
                                    such public statues.
                        He accused NFL players taking the knee during the national anthem of being
                                    unpatriotic for supporting Black Lives Matter and using their First
                                    Amendment rights to freedom of expression—meaning that they should
                                    abdicate their positions of public spotlight to highlight the injustice of
                                    innocent and unarmed Black men and boys being shot dead by police. 
                                    AKA not condemning violence done to unarmed Black men and boys and
                                    slandering NFL players who want to bring attention to this injustice.
                        He is systematically dismantling the legacy of the first Black president of the
                                    USA—which sends the covert message that African Americans are not to
                                    be valued and respected in this country—which supports a white
                                    supremacist agenda of targeting Blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, Jews, and
                                    “others” including the LGBTQ+ community for violence and hate. Just
                                    ask the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League about
                                    the rise of hate crimes since Trump became president.
            In failing to stand up to the NRA, he has become complicit in gun violence that
happens in your country, whether in your inner cities or in mass shootings like Parkland, Florida, and others.”

SHS:                “Trump can’t be expected to be held to a higher standard.”

Athena:           “What are these words that have broken through the fence of your teeth?
                        The President of the United States of American can’t be expected to be held to a
                                    higher standard? Since when? Apparently since Trump—every other
                                    president of the USA has understood the responsibility of the office and
                                    his need to set a higher standard. Twitter Troll, Bully in the Pulpit, trash-
                                    talking Angry Trump Baby—the first president in history that no one
                                    should want their children to try to emulate. How has your country come
                                    to this?”

SHS:                “It’s our responsibility to keep the American dream alive for kids like Frank,
                        immigrants who are already here and those who dream of immigrating here in the

Athena:           “What is this talk that’s escaped the barrier of your teeth?
Travel Ban, Border Wall, Zero Tolerance (separating children from their parents)!
Rapists, drug dealers, bad hombres! Dehumanized people who will ‘infest’ your country like insects or vermin.”

SHS:                “I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie from the podium or any other place…my job
                        is to communicate the president’s agenda.”

Athena:           “What are these words that have broken through the fence of your teeth? 
Your own people know that you lie about his lies. Listen to them!”

“You know what? [Huckabee] does work for Donald Trump, but she also works
            for us… She works for everybody who pays taxes, and even for people
            who don’t pay taxes—like, I guess, her boss. If you can’t do the minimal
            requirements of the job, you become complicit in the lie and in the
            degradation of the podium, the White House, the office of the president
            and ultimately the democracy.” Joe Lockhart

                        “The general proposition is that either the president or someone on the president’s
                                    behalf ought to stand up and be accountable to the American people every
                                    day…That’s a fundamental aspect of our democracy. It is broken now. 
                                    And I don’t think it’s broken beyond repair. It’s just broken beyond
                                    Trump. I hope we restore some kind of regular order when this whole
                                    episode is done.” Mike McCurry

SHS:                “Look, no matter how much phony controversy the Democrats generate, it’s a
                        simple fact that illegal alien criminals this young are still developing the part of
                        the brain that feels pain, goes through emotional trauma, and retains memories.”

Athena:          “What utter nonsense has just escape the barrier of your teeth?

                        It is a staggering set of lies which reduces innocent children to criminal, senseless
                                    animals. Unbelievable! Everyone knows that children feel pain from the
                                    time they are born (if not before) and for the rest of their lives. When
                                    small children wake up with ear infections crying, they are crying because
                                    they are in pain. When small children wake up from nightmares crying,
                                    they are crying in fear which is a kind of pain. When small children break
                                    their bones or cut themselves and cry, they are crying because they are in
                                    pain. When children are sexually abused by teachers and priests before
                                    they are fourteen, they understand and are impacted for their whole lives
                                    by those memories and those traumas as the Sandusky and Catholic
                                    Church priest scandals have made clear. Children—helpless children—
                                    dehumanized by you as “illegal alien criminals”—how is a four year old,
                                    “illegal” or “criminal”? What kind of country criminalizes and outlaws
                                    children? Apparently Trump country.”

SHS:                “Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that we are talking about foreign
                        Children—even if they somehow manage to see their families again,
                        environmental factors may prevent them from developing the capacity to even
                        recognize them. I mean, they live in cages, for God’s sake.”

Athena:           [Athena is visible agitated and annoyed.] “O, Father above, Zeus, the
                                    shamelessness of these lies and falsehoods is staggering! Sisyphus’
                                    duplicity was an insult that delivered him to eternal torment in Hades,
                                    pushing the boulder up the hill over and over because it was never allowed
                                    to reach the summit. But this! Sadly, our power is gone from this world,
                                    or I would beg you to smite this outrageous liar with a thunder bolt as a
                                    just and fitting warning. I can only hope, that their gods now will deliver
                                    her to eternal torment for her lies and complicity with this government or
                                    that her people will shake off the haze of this poisoning propaganda and
                                    send her to prison!
                        Environmental factors—like traumatizing them by separating them from their
                                    parents. ‘For God’s sake,’ you put them in cages!”

SHS:                [Sarah Huckabee Sanders remains wholly committed to the lies she has been
                        prepped to repeat. She does not flinch under the anger of the goddess. Brazenly,
                        she parrots the words:] “The president is not a liar.”

Athena:           “What trash talk has just escaped your mouth?

                        Trump lies all the time. Call it whatever you want—deception, falsehoods, lies,
                                    deceit, poppycock, bull, bullsh*t, rubbish, nonsense, bunk, falsification,
                                    falseness, fable, detraction, defamation, calumny, fraudulence, guile,
                                    hyperbole, invention, libel, mendacity, dishonesty, evasion, fabrication,
                                    distortion, aspersion, backbiting, fib, fantasy, fiction, forgery, inaccuracy,
                                    misrepresentation, myth, perjury, slander, bluff, equivocation,
                                    exaggeration, fallacy, half-truth, humbug, jive, babble, untruth, white lie,
                                    tall story, whopper, subterfuge, revilement, prevarication, balderdash,
                                    baloney, drivel, foolery, gibberish, hogwash, hooey, malarkey, prattle,
He calls news he doesn’t like ‘FAKE NEWS’. He creates Fake News with his
                                    lies. You create Fake News with your lies about his lies!” [Athena throws
                                    up her arms in exasperation.] “Maybe you’ll let him lie his way into
                                    World War III, and the earth can be purged of the wretchedness of
I thought I might be able to talk some sense in to you, but clearly you don’t care
                                    about the damage you are doing, to your own people, to your government,
                                    to other governments, and to the people of the world. Shame on you!”
[And Athena walks away.]

SHS:                [Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks stricken for moment. But then Athena
                        disappears, and she shrugs her shoulders and goes to prepare for the next round
                        of White House lies.]

* * * * *

Kathleen Murphey is an Associate Professor at Community College of Philadelphia.  She will have her first play performed as part the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, P Pan and Beyondland, with performances at the German Society of Pennsylvania on Saturday September 15th and Sunday September 16th.  More information about her and the play can be found at her Website,

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