Sunday, 30 July 2017

Queen of Swords

by Lisa Marguerite Mora

I am needle sharp, a glint in the scheme
of things. Thread me through the mind

of some greater knowing. I have shriven
I have penanced, sloughed off what was acquired

in ignorance. Surgically clean, light as the glance 
I cast – All is falling away that doesn't hold true

to what I can't help but see. Few can forgive this.

* * * * *

Lisa Marguerite Mora has had work published in Rattle, ONTHEBUS, Rebelle Society, The Urban Howl, Cultural Weekly, Public Poetry Series, Literary Mama, and California Quarterly, among many others including a Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Prize. Recently she has finished a first novel and is at work on second. Lisa studied with author Carolyn See at UCLA where she received a Bachelors in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis. A story editor and consultant, she also conducts creative writing workshops in the Los Angeles area.

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