Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I think one of the things our human race needs most is honor. We've not done very well in that department, and we've suffered for it. Here then is my draft of the Thirteen Commandments.


On the top of the mountain these were carved
into the tender granite of my soul:

1          Know that life is a gift, not a duty. Honor it. And celebrate.

2          Honor yourself.

3          Honor your tenderness.

4          Honor your exuberance.

5          Honor your spirit of enthusiasm.

6          Honor your ancestors.

7          Honor your children. This is very important.

8          Honor your love and your lovers.

9          Honor your planet and all creatures and elements that share it.

10        Honor your hunger and desire.

11        Stop war.

12        Honor your beauty and your breath.

13        Live deeply.

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