Sunday, 26 January 2020


Group poem written by women in a detention center

I'm in good health.
I'm in a good mood.
It's a new day.
I've found myself in happiness.
Everyone has their own rendition,
but when it's up to God
He will mend this one.

I'm thinking of my beautiful mother.
I'm missing both of mine so much!
I miss her soft, caring touch,
her voice, her laugh,
the things she taught me
stay forever in my mind.
If I had a flower for every time
she crosses my mind, I'd be walking
in a never ending garden
matching the beauty in her gaze.

I love the joy in my heart
(when it is there!).
It shines like the sunshine
on a cloudy day.
It speaks to my mind of joy
and love, of happiness and fun.
It's like adrenaline coursing through
my body, starting in my veins,
thrashing into my arteries
and forcing my heart to soar
with the finest spark
of love from above.

I love the sound of women's voices.
They're oh so very sweet,
soft, happy, but still strong.
They teach us of love, caring
and joy. The words they say
we can hear forever . . .
the words they say.
Red, supple, sometimes crazy,
the only thing to keep a man at bay.

1 comment:

  1. Dazzling range of insights and memories. (I'd say more, but you know the words to keep me at bay) ;)