Friday, 10 May 2019

Two mothers all alone in a sandbox

by Sandy Rochelle

We sit together—unidentified allies—two mothers in a sandbox.
She with a child missing arms and me with you.
Different in your own way.
We understand each other she and I
but we speak only of inconsequential things.
Trying to mislead God into believing
that we no longer mind.
We are cast away alone.
Away from the chosen.
Silently becoming children ourselves.
Listeners of the wind.
Friends of no one.
Sitting silently in a circle sifting sand.
Survivors in an undeclared war.

* * * * *

Sandy Rochelle is a poet-actress and filmmaker. Individual publications include: Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press/ Formidable Woman, Connecticut River Review, West Wind Review, Spirit in the Words, and Tuck Magazine. Her book of poetry, Soul Poems, was published by Finishing Line Press. Sandy is the recipient of the Autism Society of America's Literary Achievement Award. She has the honor of being named, New York State, ''Mother of the Year.'' Website:

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