Thursday, 9 May 2019

The Calm Blue

by Leticia Rodriguez

Being young is a state of mind.
Age is just a number if you don't mind.
I learned long ago and I made up my mind
to ever hold true to my values, beliefs,
and even my morals, and it's a good thing
because the hands of time I cannot rewind.
It may seem in this vida that I have lived
wrong and maybe even hard and some
looking in on my life, they may be sad,
and some even mad,
but trust me, it wasn't that bad.
I've learned so much and shared much
of my sorrows.
In doing so I've helped many young and old
feel better about tomorrow.
So take heed in what I say
because life isn't ours, it is only borrowed.
I'm a strong, intelligent, resilient, determined
and, yes, even stubborn woman.
My life has made me hard,
yet I'm soft as the clouds I face,
my gente, and I'm oh so proud.

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