Saturday, 2 March 2019

Roses in Time

by Maureen Teresa McCarthy

Blue clear waters lap rough stone
I step carefully across a narrow causeway   
To hard packed sand on a cold beach
Climb a steep and rocky path
Wings folded close, no use should I fall
Light fades no time to fly
In the far bay, a gray ship looms
Mist closes in over darkening water.

High above a house waits
Anchored on rock and roses
Oak door open  
Smooth wood beneath my feet
Wide windows welcome light
Ferns and ivy living green
Book lined shelves
Fire warmed stone
Sofa quilt pillows rug
Pink cream lavender soft

The table is set
Warm wheat bread, wine
Smooth sharp cheese, peaches
Candles at the center
Cream pink mauve lavender

I know them
Roses of yesterday
Old Blush, Josephine,
Zephirine, Celciana
Rich scent from a far past
Sweet with thorns.

I am drawn to the window
Wind and water rise
Silent ghost ship huge against the sky
Carries loss and sorrow
Shadow over sun colors fade to gray
Dark swallows all
Passes slow out to sea.

Light returns, firelight shimmers
I light candles
Break bread, pour wine.
My house is built upon this rock
This time is mine
I gather roses.

* * * * *

Maureen Teresa McCarthy is a central New York native who moved to California, graduated from SF State and worked in publishing. She traveled in Europe and Mexico for two years, returned to the Finger Lakes, completed her MA at Syracuse. She taught Composition at various community colleges, raised two sons. She has published essays with Fairview and University of Michigan Press, has completed a civil war novel, and has always written poetry. Her poems have appeared in Comstock Review, Months to Years, Penwomen, and other journals.

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  1. Idyllic. This drew me tight: "Anchored on rock and roses."