Tuesday, 21 August 2018


by Mary O'Melveny

I love you the most of all!
my grandniece said as we splashed
our way around the park pool,
she in her magenta water wings,
me with my blue exercise noodle.
For that moment it was as true
as anything she has ever said.
Her sincerity was as unimpeachable
as a flawless diamond. 
Such love can set a heart aflame
even in the coldest waters.
Tears never spill out
in times of purest belief. 
The day will always end well.

* * * * *

"Declaration of Love" is part of Mary O'Melveny's forthcoming poetry chapbook A Woman of a Certain Age (Finishing Line Press, September 2018).  The poem was first published by Light Poetry Magazine (December 2017). Here is the publisher's link to the forthcoming chapbook:

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