Thursday, 27 June 2019


by Shikhandin

Here lives a very young girl
in an old woman’s body.
Don’t mock me. Please don’t.
Why are all your senses
focused on the façade alone?
Aren’t you curious? Don’t you
want to know what lies
behind? What lies behind is
a very long life stitched
all over this ravaged body.
The soul though sits unscathed.
That’s why my soul sings in spring
and thrashes about
when winter howls; murmurs
seduction in the blind heat of summer.
My body dies. Every day, ashamed
of my soul that refuses to grow old.
Don’t mock me. Please don’t.
I am troubled as it is. My wrinkles mock
me enough. They are vicious busy bodies
slyly peeping through
the cracks. They gossip.
They can never understand
How wonderful it feels to feel so young,
even as this body dissipates.

* * * * *

"Mind Over Time" was first published in 2001 in the now closed poetry journal Poetry Niederngasse edited by Pasquale Capocasa.

Shikhandin is the nom de plume of an award-winning Indian writer who writes for both adults and children. Books include, among others, Immoderate Men: Stories published by Speaking Tiger, India, and Vibhuti Cat, an illustrated book for children, published by Duckbill. For more on Shikhandin you can visit her Amazon page: and her Facebook page:

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