Monday, 11 March 2019


by Oonah V Joslin

Sap green and silky
Toulouse Lautrec printed ladies
showed their garters on my demure dress.
I consented to dance with monsieur.

Mais oui,
la petite Irelandaise
ripe for the plucking
to a farmer’s eyes

and as la Fête
twinkled all around us
he whispered to me,
Tu as des beaux seins.

I laughed aloud of course,
Nice tits indeed!
What did he think I was,
a milking cow?

Somewhere between true love
and risible translation
there must be some men out there
who knew women had brains.

* * * * *

Oonah V Joslin is poetry editor at The Linnet’s Wings. She has won prizes for both poetry and micro-fiction. Her book Three Pounds of Cells ISBN: 13: 978-1535486491 is available online from Linnet’s Wings Press and you can see and hear Oonah read in this National Trust video. The first part of her novella A Genie in a Jam is serialised at Bewildering Stories, along with a large body of her work (see Bibliography). You can follow Oonah on Facebook or at Parallel Oonahverse

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