Saturday, 24 November 2018


by Alyssa Waugh

I’ve never wanted kids
No natural maternal instincts
I’ve never heard a baby cry and thought
Something is missing from my life 
(The opposite actually)
I don’t swoon for cute babies 
I panic when mothers hand them off to me

And I’ve spent half my life being made to feel other
– not normal –
about it
And the other half being pressured to change my mind
and being told that I’ll regret it if I don’t

And when women say they’ve never wanted kids
Have no natural maternal instincts
Don’t swoon for cute babies and
Panic when holding one
But are “unsure”
I wonder if they’re really unsure
Or only worried by seeds of would-be regrets
Planted by those sure enough for two 
Planted by those who think they know better than you
What you want
Or will 

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